Video Production/Post

From single camera interviews to large scale multi-camera productions, we provide everything from pre-production and location scouting to full production crews and digital dailies.
When it comes to editorial, we provide more than just an edit system and an operator. Our editors bring years of experience and, should you require it, plenty of helpful creative input based on years of production and post production experience.
Our in-house graphic designers utilize the latest 2D and 3D software to create everything from simple logo designs and banners to complex special effects sequences.
Utilizing the latest DaVinci Resolve system, we can do straightforward scene-to-scene color balancing or create special visual effects and stunning cinematic looks for your project.


With decades of recording experience and our selection of boutique microphones and quality preamps, you’ll be sure to capture all the richness and nuance of the voice talent’s performance. Speaking of which, we can help cast a voice artist for you as well!
Automated dialog replacement is critical for repairing problematic on-set dialog recordings. Knowing how to properly record, edit and mix ADR is key to creating seamless dialog. We’ve got you covered.
Foley is the unique art of recreating all the other sounds we humans make besides our voices. This is done so that we can control the level of these sounds separately from the dialog and other sound effects in a film mix. Having programmed and recorded foley for many feature films and television shows, we know our way around this important aspect of sound design.
Sound Design has become a sort of “catch-all” phrase in the industry. I take it to mean designing and creating the overall sonic landscape of a given project. We work closely with our clients to help achieve maximum emotional impact through the use of sound, from subtle ambiences to massive effects and soundscapes.
Composer Greg Conway has created original music for many of the projects that come through Massive Post. Everything from commercial jingles to full scores for films and television. If your project needs original music in any genre, we would be happy to provide samples from previous projects and discuss your specific musical needs.
Mixing. This is where it all comes together. Pretty much the last stop before your project goes out to the world. This is no time to phone it in. We’ve mixed literally hundreds of projects from TV and radio commercials to broadcast and theatrical features in both stereo and 5.1 surround. Let us do it right for you.